Monday, February 1, 2010

Chapter 9

Chapter nine is about the organic farms and how they operate. Pollan talks about how back in the day the organic farms weren’t industrial and they were about the product and not the money. He talked to a company owner that was forced to go to the industrial way of farming because there was no money involved in organics. Next he talks about how organic farms aren’t that great for the soil because in order for them to keep bugs off they need to till the soil more which gets rid of the nutrients.
My opinion of this chapter is that I think the only benefit of organic food is its healthier and pesticides aren’t used. When I go to a whole foods store all the food is way more expensive and there are fewer options to choose from. Also the industrialization of organic foods has some positives but being an industry makes it the same as normal processed food. The food still needs to be shipped and packaged which takes oil. The benefit is it makes the food cheaper because the farmers are growing more of it and most likely selling it for less.


  1. I like your comment about how organic food isn't a lot different than processed food because of the shipping and packaging. And the only reason it's cheaper is it is produced in bulk. Interesting view on the subject.

  2. I am torn on organic food, unlike you. I feel that even though it is good that pesticides are not used as much I do not like the fact that they lie to the consumer. By this I mean acting like the food they grow is so much different than the others when it truly is not.