Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 4 They Say, I Say

Chapter four in They Say, I Say is all about how to respond to someone else’s research or publications. There are three main answers that you can use, they are agreeing, disagreeing or both agree and disagree. It then goes on to describe how you can make your opinion stronger and make sense to whoever is reading your paper. The most important thing you can do is provide fact and details that help support your viewpoint as your own. There is one problem that sometimes comes up when doing this and that is when you agree with something then you will end up disagreeing with something else.
I thought this was a really helpful chapter showing how to respond to someone else’s paper. I don’t think I have written a paper on agreeing with somebody but if I do end up writing one, this chapter will help me so I don’t write a horrible paper. Also I like how it gives templates on how I could make my disagreeing papers better. From now on when I write a paper in response to another person’s paper I will look back at this chapter to figure out the best way to prove my point.

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