Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scholarly Sources

This was a journal article on a study that was done on sixty men and sixty women to observe the effects from the media. The effects that they were looking for were the image of the perfect body and what was needed to achieve this. Then it goes on to talk about differences of the perceptions of the men and the women. For example, “Most women believed that their body image began to be affected by the
images in the media between the ages of 12 and 14, whereas this was between ages 14 and 16 for men.” Most of the article talks about acquiring the perfect body image that is seen as pictures in the media across America. Then there are a couple tables that show some of the interesting facts from a questionnaire and what the media can influence them change. Lastly there is a discussion part that pretty much sums up the whole study and clearly explains the results. One of the results is that women overestimate their whole body when men just overestimate certain parts of the body like the chest.

McCabe, Marita, Kelly Butler, and Christina Watt. "Media Influences on Attitudes and Perceptions Toward the Body Among Adult Men and Women." Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research (2007): 101-118. Web. 13 Apr 2010. .

The second article was titled, The Media and Violent Behavior in Young People: Effects of the Media on Antisocial Aggressive Behavior in a Spanish Sample, and its main focus was the violence that in young adults that was an effect from violence in the media. It’s just like the last article being it was a study that was conducted to see the effects on a group of antisocial aggressive behavioral children. This is an article we can use to show how the media can affect the emotional of side people. It also shows the differences between the violence factors of both male and female children. Towards the end of the article its talks about how they found out how the media does have negative effects on the violent behavior of antisocial children. Even though the results are the same there were some differences between the male and female children. Here is a quote I think would be useful in writing our paper, “…reported that males (but not females) who watched more television during early adolescence (i.e., age 14) were prone to being more violent toward others, although no effect was found for other types of antisocial or criminal behaviors.”

Clemente, Miguel, Pablo Espinosa, and Miguelangel Vidal. "The Media and Violent Behavior in Young People: Effects of the Media on Antisocial Aggressive Behavior in a Spanish Sample." Journal of Applied social Psychology 38.10 (2008): 2395-2409. Web. 13 Apr 2010. .

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